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WBG has just shipped 3 Arjes shredders under contract for the Defense Logistics Agency for their scrap operations in Kuwait and Qatar.

3 shredders in total: one VZ 950 and 2 VZ 1500 industrial shredders are sheduled to arrive in February of 2017.

WBG Has partnered with Idrobenne Grapples in order to offer
our customers the very best in European Grapple.

IDROBENNE has been manufacturing quality hydraulic grapples for truck cranes and excavators since 1994. Our production is focused on quality-finished equipment for the end-user. Our own experienced staff carries out all design, engineering, production and final testing. The Company is totally independent from any crane and excavator manufacturer; therefore all technical and reserved information remains confidential. 

These factors have helped IDROBENNE gain recognition as a leading “Grab expert” throughout the truck crane and excavator attachment industry.

WBG is commited to suppling our customers in the Middle East and beyond with only the best recycling solutions. Idrobenne is now a proud part of that solution.
25 - 27 September 2017
Dubai World Trade Centre